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Ski touring equipment

At OutdoorXL we are only satisfied if you are satisfied and you can only be satisfied if you have found a qualitative touring ski equipment for a reasonable price. With our knowledge and experience we have put together a complete touring ski kit for you. This includes crampons, crampons, ropes and touring ski poles.
For questions about your touring ski equipment you can contact us during opening hours on +31 (0) 180 64 25 25 or mail to ski@outdoorxl.nl .

Ski crampons

The ski crampons, also called harschijzers, are attached to the ski binding. Find a pair of ski crampons that suit the binding, the width of your boot and the width of the ski. Ski crampons are used when climbing up on touring skins. With ski crampons you have more grip and you are less likely to slip away. They are especially used when the snow is frosty and the hair of the skin has little grip on the ground and when the top layer of the snow is too hard. During the descent you can not leave the ski crampons, this is because your boot can not turn out of the binding when you fall and that could cost a knee band.
For questions about crampons, you can contact us during opening hours on +31 (0) 18